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Being There is an original graphic novella written and illustrated by Marcus Melo in 2020.

Marcus writes:

"The hand drawn comic tells a personal story of my mother and myself, and looks into her upbringing in Uruguay during the dictator rule, from the perspective of a curious son trying to understand why things are the way they are. The story jumps between the childhood of my mother in the Montevideo of the 1970s, and present day Denmark, investigating the differences and likenesses in the respective ways of growing up.

A strained family relation sets the precedent for the story which touches on the themes of national identity, how trauma gets passed down through generations and what “being there” means as a parent and as a child."

A printed version of the comic can be purchased by contacting Marcus through Instagram or E-mail.

Being There
by Marcus Melo

Graduating Bachelor's Project
@ The Royal Danish Art Academy


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